5 reasons Symzio is better

5 reasons Symzio is better

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There are a multitude of stock agencies out there, all vying for contributors and clients. From Shutterstock to Adobe Stock, to Dreamtime and 123RF, all follow a steady formula of subscription based sales, overselling customers while paying contributors based on a 100% usage platform, keeping the fat in the middle as profit. Symzio stands out as an agency that as eschewed all of these practices, and more, in favor of a more robust model:

1) No more subscriptions, no more credits

Symzio has done away with subscriptions and credits altogether and instead provides customers a familiar cart system whereby media licenses are added to their shopping cart. When customers are ready to checkout, they complete the purchase and receive the media, just like Amazon or any other online retailer of tangible goods. Customers are no longer bound to monthly or yearly subscriptions, and the cost per license is no longer obfuscated through confusing and uneven credit systems.

2) Contributors receive at least 70% of all the revenue

Regardless of the license, size, or volume purchased, Symzio’s contributors retain a large majority of all the revenue generated through sales. This is a dramatic shift from the 15-25% contributors earn through other agencies.

3) Account based quality control – no more delays

Symzio requires that all of its contributors maintain a strict degree of quality control for each and every media file that is showcased within. However, rather than force contributors to go through the painstaking process of having their work scrutinized by low-paid, overworked third parties who decide what is included and what isn’t, Symzio scrutinizes each contributor on an individual basis. Once approved, there is no delay between when contributors release new media, and when customers can license it.

4) More creative video options

Symzio introduces a whole new range of media through its cutting-edge, node-based implementation. While no other microstock agency on the planet provides a means for videos longer than 1-2 minutes, Symzio permits contributors to sell videos that are 10 minutes long, even at a sharp 4K resolution. This means entire meals being cooked can be licensed by customers – editorial media that includes full interviews, sporting events, or press releases can now span a great deal of content. Customers can chop up the raw footage and use it to fill entire shows, whether on YouTube or prime-time, elevating the stock video realm from just being snippets used in commercials to content-rich footage that can form the basis of entire shows.

5) More creative image options

One big shift Symzio has introduced is a move from governing contributors to giving them complete professional artistic freedom. Traditional agencies hire third parties that quickly inspect images, arbitrating what they deem to be commercially viable and what not. This has created a somewhat stale environment where natural shots that may not demonstrate subject matter in the most cosmetic light are filtered out of the hands of customers. Symzio relays a great deal of respect to the artistic creativity that spans the realm of contributors, and in no way involves itself in the arbitrary standardization of the work this inspiration creates. If even one customer wants a specific image that may not seem commercially viable to other agencies, Symzio wants to be able to provide a means for that customer to find the right contributor for their needs.

If you’re a contributor who is interested in contributing to Symzio, click on the apply link at the top of the Symzio Blog. If you’re a customer, just visit Symzio and enjoy perusing the visual works Symzio’s contributors have created just for you.

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