The Importance of an Independent Platform for Stock Media

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The grassroots campaign that is both Symzio & Symbiostock form the only globalized effort to provide media¬†producers, whether they be photographers, artists or videographers, a reliable platform where they control and manage their ability to connect with customers. However, the … Read More

Shutterstock: Now vs Then

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Arguably the market leader when it comes to microstock, Shutterstock’s meteoric rise over the last ten years is widely attributed to their introduction of the subscription system which provides customers a means of downloading a large number of images for … Read More

5 reasons Symzio is better

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There are a multitude of stock agencies out there, all vying for contributors and clients. From Shutterstock to Adobe Stock, to Dreamtime and 123RF, all follow a steady formula of subscription based sales, overselling customers while paying contributors based on … Read More

3 reasons why you should start selling stock footage

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Entering the realm of videography may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry. After you read these quick tips on getting started, you’ll see that it isn’t quite as difficult as it may seem. You’ll need to invest in stabilizers … Read More

Shutterstock 2015 earnings release and what it means to contributors

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Shutterstock, arguably one of the largest earners for most contributors right now, will be releasing details on their earnings for the entire 2015 year in February. What does this mean for contributors? Not a great deal. But, following the earnings … Read More

5 Tips on becoming a Professional Stock Photographer

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Making money on taking pictures – sounds great right? But before you buy the most expensive camera you can find and start shooting, you should familiarize yourself with some aspects of the business. Here are some awesome tips on getting … Read More

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