The Importance of an Independent Platform for Stock Media

The Importance of an Independent Platform for Stock Media

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The grassroots campaign that is both Symzio & Symbiostock form the only globalized effort to provide media producers, whether they be photographers, artists or videographers, a reliable platform where they control and manage their ability to connect with customers.

However, the importance of the growth of these independent platforms is not limited to increasing revenue. It doesn’t even relate to having any sort of competitive grudge against the agencies that have dominated the exchange of stock media for so many years.

What Symzio and Symbiostock provide are a sense of stability and reliability, for even if only a few sales are garnered here and there initially, the important thing to understand is that firstly, these sales are going to necessarily gradually increase as we get more exposure, with more participating contributors and affiliates. Secondly, it provides a ‘catch-all’; if one or two other agencies suddenly got acquired, or drastically changed their terms and conditions, or for some reason or another made it impossible for any single group of contributors to sell through them, Symzio would become a larger player for both customers and contributors.

If other platforms that dominate the market right now slowly begin to lose contributors, or for some reason drop out entirely, there will be a sudden shift in where customers purchase media. Without Symzio, they would necessarily migrate to other agencies, leaving contributors in the same boat they always have been.

However, with the continued growth of Symzio, it will catch a significant number of these migrating customers and keep them as frequent media purchasers on a long term basis. Without this platform, there would be no growth in the independent industry.

So when one considers the success rate of Symzio or the independent contributor movement in general, always remember that aside from its gradual, organic growth in the current marketplace, it is poised to push a better industry for contributors when and if a large number of media purchasers were to become refugees from their current providers. With the nominal amount of effort that goes into launching one’s independent site and joining Symzio, it makes complete sense to, at the very least, get these systems passively going so when the ball does eventually drop, we’re poised to step in, finally, as self-employed entrepreneurs.

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